Foundations of Structuralism

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School Arts
Department Philosophy
Dates 01 October 2009 - 30 September 2012
Website Foundations of Structuralism Project
Funder AHRC
Collaborator(s) Steven French (Leeds), Fred Muller (Rotterdam), Katherine Hawley (St Andrews), Fraser MacBride (Cambridge), Stewart Shapiro (Ohio State and St Andrews)
Contact person Professor James Ladyman

More about this project

Professor James Ladyman of Bristol University is leading a three-year AHRC sponsored project on The Foundations of Structuralism, with co-investigators Leon Horsten, Richard Pettigrew, Anthony Everett and Øystein Linnebo. The project aims to integrate work in philosophical logic, mathematics and physics concerning the nature of objects and individuality. We will investigate various formulations of structuralism, paying special attention to its conceptual and logical foundations.

The grant includes funding for two doctoral studentships, one in philosophical logic and the other in philosophy of physics, which are held by Kate Hodesdon and Steven Horvath respectively. Two large conferences and four workshops will also take place during the project.