European Liberal Arts Network

The European Liberal Arts Network (ELAN) is an innovative and strategic educational network designed to promote and develop a Liberal Arts approach to tertiary education.  ELAN aims to bring together institutions committed to this philosophy of education so that together we can deliver much more to students than is possible individually.  In a context of international collaboration, and real and virtual mobility, students will acquire many transversal skills, work flexibly, combine formal and informal learning and take personal responsibility for achieving objectives in order to earn the ELAN certificate.

Requirements for the ELAN Certificate


  • Enrolment in ELAN modules (these may be in any discipline, or span disciplinary boundies, but wherever located they are inter- or cross-disciplinary in outlook, ask questions of general importances in the arts and humanities, and/or explore the significance of the arts and humanities in contemporary society. See list below. At least 30 ECTS)
  • Study abroad (Minimum of 15 ECTS to be completed at an ELAN partner institution or an alternative accepted by the ELAN board. NB requirements 1 and 2 may be combined i.e. the 15 ECTS done during study abroad, if ELAN modules, may count towards the 30 in no.1)
  • Study of or in a foreign language (Minimum of 10 ECTS)
  • Liberal arts individual project on a topic that is interdisciplinary and/or considers the relevance of the arts and humanities in the contemporary world (Minimum of 5 ECTS. Must achieve a mark of at least II 1 or equivalent. Students are encouraged to do some or all of this project while abroad)

(Students must complete at least 3 of the following requirements):

  • Internship or placement (with a partner outside of HE for a minimum period of one week, or working with a partner from outside HE on a piece of assessed work as part of a credit-bearing unit)
  • Participation in Intensive Study Programme (offered or endorsed by ELAN)
  • Participation in a MOOC (offered or endorsed by ELAN)
  • Participation in a student conference (organised by students under ELAN auspices)
  • Participation in a Summer School (offered or endorsed by ELAN)
  • Participation in a Group Project (on a topic that is interdisciplinary and/or considers the relevance of the arts and humanities in the contemporary world. Minimum of 5 ECTS. Must achieve a mark of at least II 1 or equivalent)
  • Study of a second foreign language (Minimum of 10 ECTS)
  • Community work
  • Other (extra activities suggested by student that have been approved by the ELAN board)

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University of Bristol

Since its foundation in 1872 The University of Bristol has become firmly established and internationally renowned. Ranked in the top 40 universities globally due to our outstanding teaching and superb research facilities and highly talented students and staff.

Located in the heart of the city of Bristol students receive a warm welcome and quickly become a valued member of the university community. They learn with academics and students from over 120 countries and will be encouraged to be intellectually rigorous, challenging, creative and entrepreneurial.

The Faculty of Arts is internationally renowned for its research activity. The unique combination of individual disciplines and collaborations create a vibrancy and vitality. All staff in the School are active researchers and many are renowned within their own specialisms. Undergraduates in the faculty are in constant contact with academics who are at the forefront of their disciplines and there is a large cohort of research students across all subject areas.

Modules Meeting the ELAN Certificate Requirement

Liberal Arts  
Year 1 Level  
AFAC10001   Critical Writing in the Humanities 
AFAC10005   Reading the Past
AFAC10002   Ideas and Society
AFAC10003   Experiencing the Aesthetic
AFAC10004   Art Students Count
Year 2 Level  
AFAC20001  Critical Writing in the Humanities
AFAC20005   Reading the Past
AFAC20002   Ideas and Society
AFAC20003   Experiencing the Aesthetic
Year 3 Level  
HUMS30001   The Public Role of Humanities
Modern Languages 
Year 2 Level  
MODL23016   World Cinemas: from national to transnational
MODL20008   Political Systems of Modern Europe
MODL20010   Memory and History in the Twentieth Century
 Year 3 Level  
 MODL30001   Communism in Europe
 MODL30003   The Radical Right: Nationalism and Fascism in Europe (1870-1939)
Year 1 Level  
DRAM10029   Criticism and the Arts
Year 2 Level  
DRAM20030   Film and TV History, 1960 to the present
DRAM20031   Film History to 1960
Year 2 Level
DRAM23124   Popular Performance
DRAM23129   Performing the Archive
DRAM20054   Melodrama
DRAM20056   Early Modern Theatre Practice
DRAM20048   The Politics of Performance
Archaeology and Anthropology
Year 2 Level
ARCH20049   Food and feasting in the Roman World
ARCH20050   Life and death in Neolithic and Bronze Age Europe
ARCH20051   Africa
ARCH20052   Hunger-gatherers
ARCH25018   Aztecs and Incas
Year 3 Level
ARCH30025   Anthropology of Childhood and Youth
ARCH30027   Arch. and Anth. of 1st and 2nd World Wars
ARCH30029   Castles
ARCH30032   The Origin of the Celts
ARCH30042   Material Culture
ARCH33009   Greek Colonisation
ARCH35005   Anthropology and Conservation
ARCH35012   Managing the Past
Year 2 Level
PHIL20012   Political Philosophy
PHIL20043   Philosophy of Religion
PHIL20049   Death Dying and Disease
PHIL20136   Aesthetics
Year 3 Level
PHIL30082   Philosophy and History of Medicine
PHIL30094   Ethics and Literature
PHIL30112   Philosophy and the Environment
PHIL30118   The Ethics of Migration and Citizenship
PHIL30120   Global Justice and Climate Change
Year 2 Level
HIST20035   War and Society
HIST20084   Memory and the Middle Ages
Year 3 Level
HIST30027   Food: A Global History
HIST30021   Filming the Past
HIST38002   Getting Acquainted with Friendship
HIST38020   Propaganda
HIST39009   Holocaust Landscapes
History of Art
HART20008   Art and Music
Year 3 Level
HART30041   Art and Memory
HART30040   Vision
Year 2 Level
ENGL29027   The Uncanny
Year 3 Level
ENGL30028   Freud and Shakespeare
ENGL30049   Contemporary Literature and Science
ENGL39025   Postcolonial Imaginings
ENGL30058   The Spanish Civil War in British and American Writing
ENGL39019   Writing for Art
 Year 2 Level
CLAS22362   Approaches to Myth
CLAS22364   The Legacy of Classical Literature
CLAS20025   Thucydides and the Idea of History
Year 3 Level
CLAS30018   Receptions of Greek Tragedy
CLAS32335   Configurations of Gender and Sexuality
CLAS37011   Greek Tragedy and Cinema
CLAS37014   Myth and History in Fifth-Century Athens
CLAS37019   Time, Temporality and Texts
CLAS37020   Tragedy and Self

ELAN exchange students visiting from abroad may take alternative or additional units depending on availability and prerequisites. The specifications for all of these modules and any other Open Units are available to view in the University Catalogue

Study opportunites for ELAN students

Advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students will be welcome to attend all research seminars in the Faculty of Arts

Internship opportunties

Students will be able to pursue short-term internships with our Liberal Arts partners in the community arranged by the Liberal Arts programme or through other agencies in the University. Sufficient advance notice before arrival in Bristol will be required to allow arrangements to be made and not all options for working with specific partners can be guaranteed.

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