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Endosomal sorting and signalling

The endosomal network comprises a series of interconnected membrane bound compartments that in regulating the sorting and signalling of proteinaceous cargoes including receptors, transporters and adhesion molecules, orchestrates and fine-tunes numerous cellular processes. A major challenge is to achieve a thorough molecular description of how this network operates, and in so doing, how defects contribute to the pathoetiology of human disease.

To achieve such an understanding we believe that one must take a global, integrated view, not only in individual cells but also within the physiological complexities of developing organisms. In combining molecular studies, including the power of quantitative proteomics, with genetic studies in model organisms our research aims to define the underlying defects in endosomal sorting and signalling that occur in various diseases, in particular Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

Selected Research Publications

  • McMillan KJ, Gallon M, Jellett AP, Clairfeuille T, Tilley FC, McGough IJ, Danson CM, Heesom KJ, Wilkinson KA, Collins BM, Cullen PJ. (2016). Atypical Parkinsonism-associated retromer mutant alters endosomal sorting of specific cargo proteins. J Cell Biol in press.

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  • McGough IJ, Steinberg F, Jia D, Barbuti PA, McMillan KJ, Heesom KJ, Caldwell MA, Billadeau DD, Rosen MK, Cullen PJ. (2014). Retromer binding to FAM21 and the WASH complex is perturbed by the Parkinson disease-linked VPS35(D620N) mutation. Curr Biol 24, 1670-1676.

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  • Selected Reviews

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