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Professor George Banting

Professor George Banting

Professor George Banting
B.Sc.(Salf.), Ph.D.(C.N.A.A.)

Dean of Faculty of Biomedical Sciences

Area of research

Membrane traffic pathways in mammalian cells

Office D28a
69 St Michaels's Hill,
Bristol, BS2 8DZ
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+44 (0) 117 331 1532


Membrane traffic pathways in mammalian cells

How do the tens of thousands of different proteins expressed in each individual mammalian cell end up in the right place within that cell? This is the central question that underlies the research going on in my lab.

Mammalian cells possess complex and dynamic intracellular membrane systems. Many integral membrane proteins move between different membranes within the cell in order to perform their function. My lab is interested in the movement of proteins, particularly integral membrane proteins, between the trans Golgi network (TGN; at the exit of the Golgi apparatus) and the cell surface. Several inter-related projects using techniques of molecular and cell biology as well as live cell imaging (using 'state of the art' facilities within the MRC funded Cell Imaging Facility) to address this area of protein trafficking.

Recent work has focused on the membrane protein tetherin (CD317). Tetherin is present in many cell types and has been shown to play multiple roles, from regulation of the actin cytsoskeleton in polarised epithelial cells to restriction of the release of a range of enveloped viruses (including HIV), see ( for more information.


Lectures :-

  • Molecular Genetics to second year students
  • Final Year Biochemistry

Tutorials :-

  • First Year Biochemistry students
  • Second Year Biochemistry students
  • Second Year Molecular Genetics students


  • Golgi
  • TGN
  • lipids
  • endocytosis
  • secretion



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