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Professor Ian Collinson


Ian Collinson's research interests lie in the structure, function and exploitation of large multimeric membrane protein complexes. He obtained his PhD in Cambridge with Sir John Walker studying the mitochondrial machinery responsible for ATP synthesis.  These interests were subsequently developed during international postdoctoral work at the Max-Planck-Institute of Biophysics (EMBO Fellowship with Prof Werner Kühlbrandt) and the Harvard Medical School (HFSP Fellowship with Prof Tom Rapoport) to the mechanisms cells deploy for the export of secretory proteins and the insertion of membrane proteins.

The Collinson lab has been established in Bristol since 2004, where research is focused on protein secretion and membrane protein insertion through the bacterial plasma membrane by the ubiquitous Sec-machinery (BBSRC funded). A brand new project will tackle the outstanding problem of mitochondrial protein import, membrane insertion and assembly.

Collinson has been an EMBO Young Investigator (2002), Colworth Medal winner (2005) and Leverhulme Research Fellow (2010). 

He is a Fellow of the Society of Biology (2014) and Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator (2014).



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