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Publication - Professor Ian Collinson

    SecA – a new twist in the tail


    Collinson, I, 2017, ‘SecA – a new twist in the tail’. Journal of Bacteriology, vol 199.


    A paper published in this issue of the Journal of Bacteriology (D. Huber, M. Jamshad, R. Hanmer, D. Schibich, K. Döring, I. Marcomini, G. Kramer, and B. Bukau, J Bacteriol 199:e0622-16, 2017, provides us with a timely reminder that all is not as clear as we had previously thought in the general bacterial secretion system. The paper describes a new mode of secretion through the Sec system—“uncoupled cotranslocation”—for the passage of proteins across the bacterial inner membrane and suggests that we might rethink the nature and mechanism of the targeting and transport steps toward protein export.

    Full details in the University publications repository