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Publication - Dr Paul Race

    Iintegration of the Rac1- and actin-binding properties of coronin-1C


    Tilley, FC, Williamson, RC, Race, PR, Rendall, TC & Bass, MD, 2015, ‘Iintegration of the Rac1- and actin-binding properties of coronin-1C’. Small GTPases, vol 6., pp. 36-42


    The coronin family of actin-binding proteins regulate actin branching by inhibiting Arp2/3. We recently reported 2 interactions that were unique to coronin-1C: binding of a Rac1 inhibitor, RCC2, to the unique linker region and Rac1 itself to the propeller domain in a manner that differs from that proposed for other coronins. Through these interactions coronin-1C redistributes Rac1 from the back of the cell to the leading edge for either activation or sequestration by the associated Rac1-inhibitor, RCC2. Here we investigate the relationship between the Rac1- and actinbinding properties of coronin-1C and find that, although actin appears to be involved in the retrafficking of Rac1, signaling by Rac1 lies upstream of the stress fiber-formation, for which the coronins were originally characterized.

    Full details in the University publications repository