How to Apply for BCAI Funding

1. Eligibility

The principal investigator must be a salaried employee of the University of Bristol. The proposed work should fall under the remit of the BCAI.

2. Application process

2.1 Timeline

Starting from January 2020 BCAI proposals must be costed through the Worktribe costing tool.

Project costings for BCAI applications must be submitted via Worktribe to the workflow to be approved by finance. Deadlines for Worktribe submissions and BCAI calls for 2020 are as follows:

Project costing deadline (Worktribe)BCAI deadline
20th January at 2pm (for the February BCAI deadline) 10th February at 2pm
20th May at 2pm (for the June BCAI deadline) 10th June at 2pm
18th September at 2pm (for the Oct BCAI deadline) 9th October at 2pm

In cases of genuine emergency, applications can be considered by the BCAI committee all year round; but a clear case for urgency must be made.

2.2 Application form

To apply please submit a completed BCAI Funding Application Form (Office document, 59kB) along with a copy of the project costings in Worktribe to and cc in Gary Foster by the applicable deadline.

2.3 Assessment criteria

As appropriate applications made to the BCAI are assessed against the following criteria:

  • Relevance to agricultural sciences
  • Value for money
  • Does the grant increase collaborative opportunities?
  • Potential for future research projects and research grant applications
  • Potential impact of the project
  • Excellence of the research proposed 

2.4 Notification of award

Applicants will be notified as to the success of the award within one week of the committee meeting that follows the submission deadline. Funds will be made available and the project should commence within six months following approval.

2.5 Project reporting

Within one month of completion of the award, candidates are expected to submit a short written report (BCAI - Final Report Form (Office document, 45kB) summarising the outputs of the project ideally, where appropriate, with a photograph. A copy of the report summary and accompanying picture will be placed on the BCAI recent activity page. The support of the Bristol Centre for Agricultural Innovation should be acknowledged in any publication and a copy of the publication sent to

Covid-19 Update

  • Application deadlines for BCAI remain unaltered.
  • We request that PI's consider practical starting dates for future projects. 
  • Please contact if you have any questions.
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