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Professor Innes Cuthill


Much of my research has a high public profile, having been featured in The Times, The Sunday Times, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Economist, Science News (USA), Journale de Genève (Switzerland), Equinox magazine (Canada), Focus magazine (Germany), the BBC’s Science Now and  Natural History Programme (Radio 4), Discovery Channel and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. I have done many interviews for all these media. Recent activities include:


June 2008, lead P.I. for an exhibit at the 2008 Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition. Spot the penguin! (with Barham, P., Burghardt, T. & Campbell, N.). One of 21 chosen.

October 2008, plenary talk on “Camouflage in Nature, Art and War”, at a symposium to celebrate the contributons to colour theory of James Clerk Maxwell. Edinburgh.

December 2007, talk to 6th formers at Redland Green School on ‘Camouflage in Nature, Art and War”.

September 2007, Cirencester Science & Technology Society, Royal Agricultural College, public understanding of science seminar. “The Art of Concealment”.

March 2007, Bristol, Clifton & West of England Zoological Society, research talk. “The ethics of scientific research on animals in conservation and behavioural studies.”

February 2007, University of Bristol ‘Lunchtime Community Engagement’ talk on “Animal Camouflage”

September 2005, talked to a lay audience at a Café Scientifique, Nottingham, on “Colour vision in other animals (or Why pigeons think humans are colour-blind)”

June 2005, delivered one of six, 1h talks, in a special series of lectures to local schoolchildren (ca. 500), organised by the University of Newcastle (modelled on the Royal Institution Christmas lectures), on ‘Colour’.

February 2005, delivered ‘Darwin Birthday Lecture’, an annual public lecture at the University of Glasgow, on “Animal camouflage through animal eyes”

July 2004, plenary lecture on "The study of function in behavioural ecology", Tinbergen anniversary symposium, Royal Dutch Zoological Society, Leiden, The Netherlands

May 2003, public lecture in University of Bristol’s “Evening of Evolution”, on ‘Animal Signals and the Eye of the Beholder”.

November 2004, talk to “The Colour Group” (an interdisciplinary mix of psychologists, biologists, chemists, artists and philosophers interested in colour), Institute of Ophthalmology, London, on bird colour vision.