• Where can coral reefs relocate to escape the heat? 29 August 2013 The best real estate for coral reefs over the coming decades will no longer be around the equator but in the sub-tropics, new research from the University of Bristol suggests.
  • Epic ocean voyages of baby corals revealed 21 August 2013 For the first time, scientists have recreated the journeys of millimetre-sized baby coral through the world’s seas, suggesting some of these tiny adventurers may cross entire oceans. The study, by researchers from the Universities of Bristol and Miami, will help predict how coral reef distributions may change in response to changing oceans.
  • Boat noise stops fish finding home 28 June 2013 Boat noise disrupts orientation behaviour in larval coral reef fish, according to new research from the Universities of Bristol, Exeter and Liège. Reef fish are normally attracted by reef sound but the study, conducted in French Polynesia, found that fish are more likely to swim away from recordings of reefs when boat noise is added.
  • Cooling ocean temperature could buy more time for coral reefs 14 May 2013 Limiting the amount of warming experienced by the world's oceans in the future could buy some time for tropical coral reefs, say researchers from the University of Bristol.
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