Ecosystem Change

Research Staff: Dr Marian Yallop, Dr Martin Genner

Research Students: Huiling Ooyang, Jasmina Majit, Huw Pullin

Current Collaborators: Mark O'Connell, Tom Scott (University of Bristol), Alex Anesio (University of Bristol), Martin Tranter (University of Bristol), Rupert Perkins (Cardiff University), Elizabeth Bagshaw (Cardiff University), Juliet Brodie (Natural History Museum), Devin Sapsford (Cardiff University), Alex Porter (Imperial College London), Marek Stibal (University of Copenhagen)

Ecosystem responses to environmental change: past, present and future

Our aim is to understand how the structure and function of ecosystems change in response to external environmental drivers (e.g. climate change, ocean acidification, eutrophication, pesticides), and in turn, how these changes feedback on the environment. Ecosystems are complex systems of intricately linked processes and feedbacks between biota and their geophysical and geochemical environments. The multi-disciplinary nature of ecosystem change research means that we collaborate with expertise across the Faculty of Science (in particular Geographical Sciences, Earth Sciences, Archaeology, Interface Analysis Centre, Nanoscience and Quantum Information, Chemistry and Physics). Current research themes include:

  • Microbial community succession and metabolic pathways from ice to vegetated soils in response to glacial retreat.
  • The role of ice algae in ice sheet melt in Greenland.
  • Taste and odours in drinking water reservoirs.
  • Ecotoxicology: impacts of anthropogenic stressors including heavy metals and nanoparticles on the structure and functioning of biota in aquatic ecosystems.  
  • Control of cyanobacteria in drinking water reservoirs.
  • Establishing the impact of climate change and fishing on marine fish assemblages

Please contact Marian Yallop or Martin Genner with any general enquiries about joining the group.

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