Experimental Glasshouses

View of main glasshouse.

Experimental Glasshouses
School of Biological Sciences
University of Bristol
Woodland Road

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fax: +44 (0)117 3318343
email: Tom.Pitman@bristol.ac.uk

About the department

The School of Biological Sciences at Bristol University delivers excellent teaching and leading edge international research across a broad range of biological disciplines. The combination of excellence in research and teaching places us in the top rank of UK biology departments and is dependent on the provision of well equipped accommodation and specialist support units.

About us

The School's glasshouse unit boasts excellent growing facilities, which produce a constant supply of high quality plant material, to strict deadlines, for teaching and research and its controlled environment systems play an important role in this production.  

New Life Sciences Building.A computer controlled system provides accurate and reliable data for a wide range of practices, such as recording temperature and relative humidity of the Glasshouses. Information from an on site meteorological station integrates with the controlled environment systems, which automate ventilators, supplementary lighting and shading screens. Historic data can now be retrieved at a later date for use by students and also helps replicate growing conditions of previously grown plant material.

Monthly average temperatures of both the glasshouses and the meteorological station are available for download.

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