Academic staff

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Group Name Role Research lab
PPB BaileyDr Andy Bailey Academic Plant Pathology
Plant and Fungal Biotechnology
PPB BarkerDr Gary Barker Academic Cereal Genomics
EEP BeaumontProf Mark Beaumont Academic Z
EEP BridleDr Jon Bridle Academic Ecological and Evolutionary Genetics
BSN CuthillProf Innes Cuthill Academic Ecology of Vision
PPB DoddDr Antony Dodd Academic
PPB EdwardsProf Keith Edwards Academic Cereal Genomics
PPB FosterProf Gary Foster Academic Plant Pathology
PPB FranklinDr Kerry Franklin Res. Fellow Plant Photobiology
BSN FranksProf Nigel Franks Academic Ant lab
BSN GennerDr Martin Genner Academic Ecosystem Change
Fish Ecology and Evolution
PPB GibsonProf Wendy Gibson Academic Molecular Parasitology
EEP GiuggioliDr Luca Giuggioli Academic Mathematical Biology
PPB GriersonProf Claire Grierson Academic Root Development
EEP HarrisProf Stephen Harris Academic Mammal Group
EEP HendyDr Erica Hendy Academic Ecosystem Change
PPB HetheringtonProf Alistair Hetherington Academic Guard Cell Group
PPB HiscockProf Simon Hiscock Academic Plant Reproduction and Speciation Group
BSN HolderiedDr Marc Holderied Academic Bat Ecology and Bioacoustics
Behavioural, Acoustic and Sensory Ecology
BSN HoustonProf Alasdair Houston Academic Behavioural Biology
BSN JonesProf Gareth Jones Academic Bat Ecology and Bioacoustics
PPB LazarusDr Colin Lazarus Academic Plant and Fungal Biotechnology
EEP MemmottProf Jane Memmott Academic Community Ecology
BSN MhatreDr Natasha Mhatre Res. Fellow Bionanoscience
BSN MontealegreDr Fernando Montealegre Zapata Res. Fellow Bionanoscience
EEP MorganDr Eric Morgan Academic Veterinary Parasitology and Ecology
BSN PartridgeProf Julian Partridge Academic Ecology of Vision
Fish Ecology and Evolution
Z PennycuickProf Colin Pennycuick Emeritus Z
BSN RadfordDr Andrew Radford Academic Behavioural Biology
Fish Ecology and Evolution
BSN RandsDr Sean Rands Academic Behavioural Biology
BSN RobertProf Daniel Robert Academic Bionanoscience
BSN RobertsProf Alan Roberts Academic Xenopus Neurobiology
BSN RobertsDr Nicholas Roberts Res. Fellow Ecology of Vision
SanchezDr Patricia Sanchez-Baracaldo Res. Fellow
BSN SoffeDr Steve Soffe Academic Xenopus Neurobiology
BSN SumnerDr Seirian Sumner Academic Behavioural Biology
Z TinsleyProf Richard Tinsley Emeritus Xenopus Parasitology
PPB VineyProf Mark Viney Academic Nematode Biology
EEP WallProf Richard Wall Academic Veterinary Parasitology and Ecology
Z WalsbyProf Anthony Walsby Emeritus Microbial Physiology and Ecology
EEP WhitneyDr Heather Whitney Res. Fellow Ecological and Evolutionary Genetics
EEP YallopDr Marian Yallop Academic Ecosystem Change

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