South West Plant Sciences Forum

Who are we?

The South West Plant Sciences Forum (SWPSF) consists of a vibrant mix of academic researchers from the Southwest region of the UK (covering all areas south of Worcester and west of Swindon) whose work covers every conceivable aspect of pure and applied botanical research.

What do we do?

Although our regional community is small we aim to make our views and opionions heard by working together. This will enable us not only to make best use of our limited resources but also enables the community to speak with one voice on issues of direct concern to the local area.

How do we operate?

We meet once a year, with all other communications occuring by e-mail or telephone. The once a year 1-day meetings will provide an opportunity for like minded researchers to meet and discuss current plant based work and possibly plan joint proposals or future work. Such meetings will also provide an opportunity to discuss common regional-based problems and solutions, such as access to the latest facilities.

Next meeting

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