Capillary sequencing and fragment analysis

The Bristol Genomics Facility houses an Applied Biosystems 3500 Genetic Analyser, an 8-capillary system for DNA sequencing and fragment analysis applications. We offer a 'ready-to-run' service in which the investigator provides the completed sequencing or fragmentation analysis reactions and we will run samples on the ABI 3500 and deliver data via email typically within 48 hours.

Cycle sequencing

If you are new to capillary sequencing applications or are planning to set up a sequencing experiment, the following links contain informative resources:

Fragment analysis

Fragment analysis generates a size estimate for DNA fragments relative to a size standard of DNA fragments with known lengths. There are numerous applications utilising this technique which are listed below as links to informative resources:

Please follow the link for a list of products required for a fragment analysis run.

Sample submission

  • Completed sequencing reactions should be provided dried down following ethanol precipitation.
  • Completed fragment analysis reactions should be provided pre-diluted (1:10 is usually sufficient) in 8-strip tubes or a 96-well plate.
  • Please follow this link for sample submission forms
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