Nucleic Acid Analysis

An integral step in most molecular biology techniques is to verify the quality and quantity of nucleic acid starting material for downstream processes. At the Genomics Facility, we have the essential pieces of equipment available as a service or for use by researchers at Bristol.

Bioanalyser services

The Agilent 2100 bioanalyser is a microfluidics-based electrophoresis system enabling rapid analysis of valuable RNA and DNA without the need for labour intensive gels.

  • RNA 6000 Nano assay:
    • For checking the quality, quantification and integrity of RNA
    • Requires total RNA diluted to between 25-500ng/µl
    • Please provide 2.5ul of sample to enable a repeat if required
  • DNA 1000, High Sensitivity or Genomic DNA assay:
    • For sizing and quantitation of PCR fragments and restriction digests
    • Required for next generation sequencing sample preparation workflow for accurate sizing, quantification and quality assessment of fragmented DNA and DNA sequencing libraries

Please follow the link for further details on Agilent Bioanalyser assays.

Qubit Services


The Life Technologies Qubit® Fluorometer utilizes specifically designed fluorometric technology using Molecular Probes® dyes to quantitate biomolecules of interest. These fluorescent dyes emit signals ONLY when bound to specific target molecules, even at low concentrations. This technology is ideally suited for precious samples as it provides a precise measurement using a small amount of material.

There are a range of different assays available for the Qubit fluorometer including:

  • DNA
    • Broad range 2-1000ng
    • High sensitivity 0.2-100ng
    • Single-stranded 1-200ng
  • RNA
    • Broad range 20-1000ng
    • Standard 5-100ng

For more information, please visit the Life Technologies website.


NanoDrop 1000 Services


The LabTech International NanoDrop ND-1000 full spectrum 220/750nm spectrophotometer will determine the concentration and purity of nucleic acid samples without the need for cuvettes and dilutions (concentration range 5ng/µl - 3700ng/µl). The Nanodrop 1000 is also suitable for measuring fluorescent dye label incorporation of nucleic acid microarray samples as well as protein concentration & purity (A280 Bradford assay and BCA Assay).

Nanodrop access

Access to the Nanodrop ND-1000 spectrophotometer can be arranged on an individual or group basis for a small contribution towards the annual service contract.

Please follow the link for further details on the Nanodrop systems.

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