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BRITE has 4 main aims linked to environmental systems and technologies:

  1. Promoting world class research under 6 overarching themes; Global Change, The Built Environment, Energy, Water, Transport & Communications and Hazards & Risk.

  2. Developing innovative systems and products that can help address sustainable development needs.

  3. Providing students with access to new teaching modules, research projects and career opportunities linked to the environmental technology sector.

  4. Promoting engagement with industry, government, NGO's and the wider public through seminars, networking events and outreach programmes.

BRITE draws people together from across the University and works closely with other environmentally focused research centres/groups. This website provides further details on all of our activities, but if you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us. The contacts page can help direct you to the most suitable person but any general queries can be sent to