European Green Capital

Helping Bristol become a ‘low carbon city with a high quality of life for all’

Great partnerships help make great cities.

Single ‘anchor’ institutions such as local authorities or universities cannot create long-term sustainable cities working alone. It requires leadership and collaboration across and between communities, sectors and businesses towards ambitious common aims.

Bristol Green Capital Partnership (BGCP) is a broad and unique alliance that exists to catalyse and amplify the work of individuals and organisations that are helping to make Bristol more sustainable.

The Partnership was originally formed in 2007 to support the city’s bid for European Green Capital status, and Bristol successfully secured the award for 2015.

Over that period, the Partnership evolved to become a leadership organisation and platform for social innovation at the forefront of approaches to city change globally, becoming a Community Interest Company in 2014.

After securing backing from a group of key institutions in the city – including the University, the Partnership continues to support and catalyse sustainability projects and initiatives in the city towards its low carbon, high quality of life vision, and to ensure that “It Doesn’t Stop Here……”.

The University’s partnership with BGCP helps its students to access and contribute to a rich learning environment in the city; strengthens its track record of collaboration and innovation with public, private and third sector partners; builds upon its international research excellence on cities and resilience challenges.

With sustainability central to the University's vision of the future, working with BGCP helps to carry forward the spirit and ambition of its year as European Green Capital in 2015.

The environmental movement in our city is both broad and active, and with the support of our strategic partners we are continuing to build on the hard work done preparing for and then during 2015.

University of Bristol students certainly did their bit, committing over 34,000 hours volunteering towards sustainability outcomes during the European Green Capital year. Their energy will continue to play an important role in achieving the transformational change Bristol needs to achieve our vision.

The University’s students and staff also provide a powerful knowledge base and resource for our city, enabling collaborations on projects such as UrbanID. We want to continue to grow the engagement and reach of the sustainable development agenda to all parts and peoples of Bristol, again an area of University collaboration through the Green & Black project.

Ian Townsend, Chief Executive Officer, Bristol Green Capital Partnership

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