Professor Morag McDermont

Professor Morag McDermont spent 16 years working in local government and the not-for-profit housing sector, her expertise in social housing and regulation has led here to explore the role of advice organisations in mediating or brokering spaces of law.

Morag's PhD research was a study of the historical role played by the National Housing Federation in the governance of social housing, published as Governing, Independence and Expertise: the Business of Housing Associations (Hart, 2010).   Her research aims to link up social science research – particularly socio-legal research around regulation and governance – with the priorities and practices of the community and voluntary sector and public services. She is Principal Investigator for a programme of research Productive Margins: Regulating for Engagement, whichseeks to release the productive capacities of communities at the margins, using this energy to co-produce research about new ways of envisioning and engaging regulation. This is an inter-disciplinary programme of research between seven community organisations in Bristol and South Wales including academics across the arts, humanities and social sciences. The programme has so far ranged from Muslim engagement in decision-making in Bristol, regulatory practices around food consumption, poverty and engaging young people and examining isolation and loneliness in older people.

She has recently completed a programme of research with Citizens Advice which looked at the role of advice organisations in mediating or brokering spaces of law. One element of this work examined the role of advisers in supporting clients with employment disputes, ethnographically documenting and critically examining the role of Employment Tribunals in providing access to justice. 

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Co-producing research between community organisations and academics enables new understandings to emerge as we reflect what we think we know against others who bring to the field different perspectives.

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