Paul Bates

Paul Bates is a world leading authority on flood risk.

Paul Bates' research career has focused on the development and application of flood models and he has widespread research interests in risk, resilience, uncertainty, governance and decision-making in relation to natural hazards and global water issues.

Much of Paul’s work with industry is related to his research group’s development of a two-dimensional flood inundation model called LISFLOOD-FP which has served as a blueprint for the flood risk management industry, including Willis Re, RMS Ltd, Ambiental Ltd and JBA Group. Paul has also used his flood-risk expertise on projects with the Environment Agency, the World Bank, the UN World Food Programme and Google.

Paul is Head of Geographical Sciences as well as chairman and co-founder of SSBN Ltd., a world leading flood-analytics company working with the insurance, engineering, resource development and aid sectors. He is a Fellow of the American geophysical Union and has also won the prestigious Lloyds Science of Risk Prize.

Not only has our work with industry helped to reduce flood risk and save lives around the world, it has also led to new fundamental science discoveries which are pushing forward the boundaries of human understanding. Many people try to draw differences between pure and applied science, but we just don’t see it that way.

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