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We've been working with world leading not for profit organisations for over 60 years. From NGOs in the Third World to co-operatives and communities, we have experts at the leading edge of research and development.

Skills Bridge

A web platform aimed at organisations looking to connect with Bristol’s universities on student engagement projects.

Faith Action

Sharing best practise, and showcasing the contribution of faith organisations in assisting those experiencing financial hardship

Combining the distinctive expertise of universities and community partners creates real opportunities for both intellectual insight and practical change on the ground

Professor Keri Facer

The approach to development seen far too often is that foreign organisations generate project ideas and appoint consultancy teams at arm’s length and short notice, with limited chance of leaving a positive longer-term legacy. In that flawed approach, Somalis are kept in subordinate positions and are defined as lacking capacity that has to be provided by outsiders.

Professor Eric Herring

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