The Cabot Institute, the University of Bristol’s first flagship cross-disciplinary research institute, conducts world-leading research on the challenges arising from how we live with, depend on and affect our planet. It is rooted in a recognition of social and environmental challenges but inspired by the spirit of exploration personified by John Cabot (Zuan Caboto) and the City of Bristol.

Our main themes focus on the six major issues at the centre of the human-planetary relationship: global environmental change, food, water and low carbon energy, natural hazards and future cities

Each of these Themes comprises dozens of academics from disciplines spanning the entire university and partners from government, industry, civil organisations and the public. Within each Theme we harness world-leading strength in risk and uncertainty assessment, modelling and big data analysis (underpinned by £4M investment in high performance computing), and expertise in knowledge co-production, security and governance.  

Crucially, the Cabot Institute brings these Themes – each vibrant in its own right – together.  These are strongly interconnected challenges; and interconnected challenges require integrated solutions.  The inclusion of a Future Cities theme is a unique feature of the Cabot Institute, arising from our strong partnership with the city of Bristol (European Green Capital 2015) and a recognition that addressing global environmental challenges must be based on a robust understanding of how we live.

The Cabot Institute is a unique and intellectually diverse community. It is a forum for vigorous intellectual discussion.  It is a catalyst for the discovery of new, potentially radical, ideas.  And it is an incubator for the development of new solutions.

To achieve these ambitions, the Cabot Institute will continue to grow – via strategic appointments and new partnerships.  We will build on our core strengths but increasingly integrate academics and partners into more creative, broad and intellectually-challenging conversations. We will share with wider society, we will listen and we will challenge, in order to develop a shared response to 21st Century challenges.

The Cabot Institute: New communities, new ideas, new solutions. 

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