Climate change

World temperatures are showing signs of increasing beyond 2°C which will seriously disrupt ecosystems and weather patterns, with severe consequences for current societies and agricultural systems.

Understanding past climate change and the earth system is vital to predicting future change.

University of Bristol researchers have developed a Whole Earth System Model which integrates models of the atmosphere, ocean, sea-ice, marine sediments, land surface, vegetation and soil, ice sheets and the energy, biogeochemical and hydrological cycling.

Researchers are also interested how changes in the physical environment impact society and infrastructure.

Bristol researchers are key contributors to the highly influential IPCC reports; lead authoring and editing chapters on Ocean Systems, Sea Level Change and Cryosphere Observations in AR5.

Climate change case studies

Global Environmental Change group

The global environmental change research group brings together expertise from across faculties to deliver leading, multidisciplinary research on climate change and the environment.

Did you know?

We run an MSc in Climate Change Science and Policy.

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