SAFE Toolbox

Modular structure

The SAFE Toolbox provides a set of functions to perform Global Sensitivity Analysis in Matlab/Octave environment. It implements several methods, including the Elementary Effects Test, Regional Sensitivity Analysis, Variance-Based (Sobol') sensitivity analysis, and the novel PAWN method. 

More information about SAFE and how to apply for download can be obtained from the SAFE website:


The SAFE Toolbox was developed by Francesca Pianosi, Fanny Sarrazin and Thorsten Wagener at the Department of Civil Engineering of University of Bristol. A general introduction to the rationale and architecture of SAFE is given in:
Pianosi, F., Sarrazin, F., Wagener, T. (2015), A Matlab toolbox for Global Sensitivity Analysis, Environmental Modelling & Software, 70, 80-85.


This work was supported by the Natural Environment Research Council [Consortium on Risk in the Environment: Diagnostics, Integration, Benchmarking, Learning and Elicitation (CREDIBLE); grant number NE/J017450/1]

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