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CVs - general information

"You don't want to do it like that!"

All sorts of people are ready to offer advice on what your CV should look like. Their views often conflict, which can be frustrating.

What we can offer are basic guidelines which, having spoken to many employers, we know have worked for past Bristol students. If you want to follow another format that's fine - it's your CV and you must feel comfortable with it.

The advice here is relevant to UK employers - employers overseas may have different rules and expectations for a CV (or resume). Check out the 'Global CV and Resume Guide' (available in the Careers Service) for details of requirements for other countries.

Videos about CVs including What employers look for in a CV and Should you tailor your CV amongst other titles.
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When should you use your CV?

How long should it be?

Some employers will specifically ask for a 1 page CV. Otherwise, if it is a UK employer, the standard format is 2 sides.

What to include?

Layout & design

...and lastly

Nothing is more off-putting to an employer than mistakes in spelling and grammar. Check and check again!