Sociology graduate destinations

Sociology is an extremely versatile degree in the employment market with 60% of graduates telling us that they have chosen to go directly into employment within six months of graduation.

Data obtained from

  • Single and joint honours Sociology (BSc) courses, including those with study abroad
  • Graduates from the UK 

Responses were received from 48 graduates from 2016/17; this is a response rate of 69.6%

Sector information

Many Sociology graduates are attracted to careers where they can explore areas of work focusing on their interest in society or supporting individual members of society. This is why careers in the charity and voluntary sector, education, law, and local or national government are consistently popular. We also see a constant flow of sociology graduates into careers in healthcare and media.

Employers and occupations

Other graduates of Sociology decide to use the range of transferable skills they have developed during their course at Bristol to enter a profession totally unrelated to their degree. Bristol Sociology graduates have a diverse range of abilities and strengths which appeal to employers recruiting into careers that do not require a specific degree. In fact 70% of jobs are open to graduates of any discipline. These include areas such as IT, finance and other commercial fields.

Examples of employers

  • British Heart Foundation
  • Citizen Relations
  • Office for National Statistics
  • Cardiff Council
  • Merkle

Examples of occupations

  • Data Analyst
  • Accounts Executive
  • Project Support Officer and Team Administrator
  • Programmatic Account Manager
  • Policy and Communications Assistant

Further study

Nine Sociology graduates from 2016/17 went into further study. The courses undertaken by these graduates include: Global Development (MSc), Public Health and Promotion (MSc) and Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).

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Photo for case study (1)My degree has been useful in my current job and I referred to things I learnt on my Sociology course during my interview. I have also conducted a research project using skills I obtained from my degree, although I think the most important thing in securing my job was having done an internship in the sector.
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Poppy, Development Assistant, Brightside (BSc Sociology, 2014)

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