Erato, Business Partner, Google/YouTube; Self-employed Translator, Institute of Linguists

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    French & Spanish (BA 2001)

    Business Partner, Google/YouTube;  Self-employed Translator, Institute of Linguists

Since leaving Bristol…

While I was studying, I didn’t think about the future. I had a dream of travelling for work, but didn’t realise that in reality that is exhausting and you often only get to see the inside of hotels and office environments. It’s definitely not as glamorous as it sounds!

After I graduated, I didn’t want to follow a career in Law or Finance, as a number of my peers had done, because I didn’t feel I had the skills or the interest in these sectors. I decided to travel to the US to try my luck there, but ended up returning to the UK after 4 months for personal reasons. The time away from my close friends and family gave me the opportunity to reflect on my future and I decided I wanted to become self-employed in order to be able to work for myself anywhere in the world. I decided to pursue a Masters in Translation in a European Context at Aston, and subsequently registered with the Institute of Linguists. I have been a registered self-employed translator with them for 10 years now.

In the meantime, I realised I needed a day job, as well, until I could expand my client list, and applied for Personal Assistant positions with global companies. I ended up getting my first real full-time role after interviewing in all four of my languages! I gained a number of administrative skills in that role that eventually helped me get to where I am. I enjoy my full-time role now too much to give it up for self-employment!

In my current job…

In my role as a Business Partner here at YouTube, I have the opportunity to work on a number of different projects and no day is the same as the next. It's lucky I enjoy diversity because there is a lack of structure (we call it fluidity!). I support a number of EMEA based Directors to enable them to remain focused on key goals and business operations by resolving all their operational and administrative issues. I collaborate across functions, teams and with external clients, utilising strong business judgment. I perform a full array of administrative tasks, such as managing calendars, booking travel, managing budgets, developing and maintaining websites, and also act as steward of office environment. I also mentor new team members and serve as a Google culture ambassador.  I help to develop and support Google culture - for teams, offices, regions and globally. I also serve as a Project Manager or Technical Lead for small projects such as events, summits, headcount planning, office/region/Google-wide initiatives and community projects. As well as my day job, I am also a career coach, a mentor, and Learning and Development Facilitator for a number of our internal courses.

Having a UoB degree…

My time at Bristol really enabled me to work on skills that I use in my daily work life. Skills such as teamwork, self motivation, leadership and the ability to research independently matter a huge deal in our working lives. All that coursework really honed in my ability to construct a clear argument through effective communication - that’s what I do every single day - and my Languages degree means I have the cultural awareness to relate to colleagues and clients around the globe.


I would have spent more time reflecting on the future and thinking about what my motivations were, and what my long term goals were. I would have pursued work experience (either voluntary or paid) during the summer vacations. For all students today, I would recommend working on your network and see the value in building strong, reciprocal networking relationships.