Gowrishanker, Co-Founder, COO and Director of Deccan Airsports Pvt Ltd

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    MSc Integrated Aerospace Systems Design (2013)

    Co-Founder, COO and Director of Deccan Airsports Pvt Ltd

    National Award winning Photographer

Since leaving Bristol…

On completing my Master’s Degree in Integrated Aerospace Systems Design, I returned to India and started my job hunt. Although India offers splendid opportunities in various fields of Engineering, Arts and Science, a few specific fields are definitely in the developing stages. My primary interests were in the field of Research and Development, Stress Engineering and Aerospace. 
Simultaneously I found my passion in the field of photography growing stronger day by day until one fine day I was employed as the Chief Photojournalist of a US based Media firm in India. What started as a hobby created more opportunities to prove my mettle and I could also find a potential profession out of it. 

In my current job…

With the inspiration that I drew from UoB and Bristol City , I co-founded Deccan Airsports – South India’s first Airsports Company along with another UoB alumnus. I’m also in the process of setting up my own Aerospace Research start-up firm.

Photography had been a hobby that I picked up during my term at Bristol and has now become a passion. I also run an Event Company that deals with Photography, Filming, Travel, Comic conventions, Social Media marketing, Food reviews, restaurant consulting, etc.

I always believed in paying back to society, and contributing to the development of a nation like India requires a lot of support. As a result, I founded Give Smiles - a Non-Governmental entity which primarily focuses on imparting creative education to under-privileged children. We are now supporting more than 300 under-privileged children spread across various schools, orphanages and rural areas in the country.


Having a UoB degree…

Newton said, ‘if I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants’. This is exactly what Bristol meant to me. Studying in a high ranking university in the world gives you an opportunity to belong to a community that can be regarded as the cream of the crop. Apart from benefiting from a high class education system I sensed a boost in individual morale. 
The International Postgraduate Scholarship Award reminded me that there is no substitute for hard work and distinctive performance. Later, under the guidance of the UoB Careers Service, I also received the Bristol PLUS Award. This award was an eye opener to the entrepreneur within me and the importance of networking in one’s life!
The University of Bristol Experience has transformed me into an individual who sees possibilities farther and out of the box rather than sticking to a routine.


Utilize every opportunity that the University offers to you, i.e. joining new clubs, volunteering, internships, career counselling services, etc. These opportunities may not direct you exactly to your career path, but they might end up shaping you into a better individual/resource. 
Never think twice about networking. Any contact will be of use in the future. The answer behind finding the most suitable profession for you is quite simple and basic. It’s about how much happiness, success and satisfaction you can derive from it throughout your career.
Never stop learning or exploring life as such. There are so many stones still unturned out there.