Rosie, Corporate Partnerships Manager, The Prince's Trust

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    Politics (BSc 2009)

    Corporate Partnerships Manager, The Prince's Trust

Since leaving Bristol…

After graduating I knew I wanted to work in the charity sector. I spent the summer immediately after graduating working for the think-tank Demos co-ordinating their Party Conference events, and then went on to get a full time job with Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research as a Sports Fundraiser.

I thought I wanted to work in events and had specifically built up a CV to reflect this to give me the best chance of getting a job straight after graduation. Whilst this strategy worked, I soon realised I didn't want to work in events and wanted to do something more strategic. After a year in the role, I moved to The Prince's Trust as a Corporate Partnerships Executive and was promoted to Manager within a year.

In my current job…

My current job is pretty much my dream one! I'm responsible for bringing over £500k a year from our corporate partners to help disadvantaged young people. I work with our partners to bring in (monetary) income and to find new ways of helping our young people through their business. I work with a wide range of companies such as Waitrose, M&S, Cunard, B&Q, Zizzi restaurants, lots of construction companies and a few law firms.

There are lots of different elements to work on as a corporate fundraiser. I've worked on quite a few cause-related marketing campaigns. At the moment I'm proud to say there's a Prince's Trust menu available in Zizzi which is a project I've seen through from the beginning.

Having a UoB degree…

My current position is partially related to my degree in that it focuses on social justice and improving society. I think studying Politics, and some modules of Sociology, helped crystalise just why I wanted to do a job in the charity sector. I got a 1st and I do think that has made a real difference to getting through to interview stage. I think it makes employers look twice at your application. We were also made to do a lot of presentations in our final year which was an incredibly useful skill to have. I also feel confident writing proposals/reports because of my dissertation.


When I left University, I thought that because I had a great degree and some experience employers would bite my hand off! This was definitely not the case. There's a level of arrogance you have to get over when you graduate and you slowly realise that you will have to take an entry-level (mainly admin based) job to work your way up. Apart from industries like banking and management consultancy, pretty much every sector will require you start at the bottom. The sooner you get used to this, the sooner you will start applying for appropriate jobs, and the sooner you will get one - which is the important thing! If you want to work in charity, express how important the cause is to you. I'm always surprised by how few people mention this!