International work and study

Want to work or study abroad but need a helping hand to go about doing it? This page is full of resources to help you discover exciting opportunities outside the UK, and learn more about the conditions, culture, and job prospects in countries overseas.

If you require the University to sign a Convention De Stage or Convenio De Colaboración as part of an overseas internship agreement you need to ask your School or Department to sign this, but see our FAQ for more information.

If you need additional assistance finding opportunities or information, come to an Information Drop-In at 5 Tyndall Avenue.

Please note: If you are an international student looking for work in the UK see our Understanding the UK job market page. Or, if you’re an international student looking to fund postgraduate study in the UK, please see findamaster's specific guide on this subject.

Country and region-specific information

Choose a region on the right hand side of this page for specific regional information, or browse the resources below:

  • GoinGlobal - country guides, and an international job search / employer database
  • Prospects - country guides
  • TARGETjobs - country guides
  • Chambers of commerce and international chambers - for regional information, case studies, and event listings
  • British Embassies - for information of visas and travel

Jobs and internships

We subscribe to GoinGlobal, who provide an international job search / employer database. Other resources which are free to access include:


Volunteering can be a great way to experience something new and contribute positively to a cause, whilst also learning new skills and improving your CV. Here are some useful resources to help you find opportunities:

  • European Youth Portal - volunteering opportunities within the EU
  • InterVol - “ethical volunteering” network with international schemes
  • International Citizen Service - UK Government initiative providing young people (age 18-22) with 3-month voluntary work placements in deprived areas overseas, with funding available on a means-tested basis
  • Projects Abroad Volunteer - global volunteer, gap year, and internship projects
  • UNA Exchange - non-profit offering 1-12 month projects in over 60 countries
  • WorkingAbroad - humanitarian, environmental and teaching projects