Bristol PLUS and Outstanding Award case studies

  • Rachel Wang 2nd year Cellular and Molecular Medicine BSc (PLUS Award)

    I chose to do the Bristol PLUS Award because after my arrival at the University of Bristol, I realised how competitive the recruitment and selection process is for most jobs. I became motivated to be someone that stands out from the crowd and acquires more relevant skills to prepare me for the challenges after graduation.

    I really enjoyed doing my work experience for the PLUS Award. I have spent much of my time at Bristol volunteering and it gives me a sense of achievement knowing that I have helped others and cared for the environment. Volunteering also enables me to meet lots of wonderful people outside of my course.

    The most valuable lesson I learned from the PLUS Award is the ability to reflect on my skills and talk about what I can offer in an interview. I have had a few interviews after completing the Award and I am far more confident to talk about myself and explain why I am suitable for a particular position. I am really proud and glad that I did the Award.

  • Oliver Daniel 2nd year Geography BSc (Outstanding Award)

    For my Outstanding Award activity, I worked in the team organising the inaugural University of Bristol TEDx event. I took the lead in a number of areas including developing partnerships with innovative startups.

    Doing the PLUS Award meant that I had already developed and reflected on the transferable skills I had gained. The Outstanding Award allowed me to take these further by undertaking a longer and more focused activity. Developing my confidence and presentation skills has helped me effectively communicate competencies to employers and make better use of the opportunities and contacts I had developed through LinkedIn.

    Since achieving the Outstanding Award I have been offered a graduate role in cyber security at PwC. I want to continue developing professionally by gaining more experience in industry. I am also considering deferring my job offer to study for an MSc in Computer Science, to better explore where I would like to go with my career.

  • Julia O'Driscoll 2nd year Liberal Arts with Study Abroad MLibArts (PLUS Award)

    I wanted to do the PLUS award to enhance my CV initially, but also to tie together my extracurricular activities. Having already completed work experience during my time at Bristol I thought this would be a good opportunity to gain some further skills whilst developing my knowledge of the working world and the importance of employability.

    I most enjoyed being a Burst Radio DJ for my Intensive Skills Activity. Reflecting after the Award, I realised that my confidence and ability to speak publically had really developed without my active awareness of it, simply by completing this part of the award. The most valuable thing I learnt was time management, and the importance of being proactive. I am now looking for internships in radio and media.

  • Awal Fuseini 1st year Clinical Veterinary Science PhD (PLUS Award)

    As a postgraduate research student, I am always on the lookout for any extracurricular activity that can improve my confidence, networking skills, presentation skills and add some weight to my CV, because I am well aware that employers look beyond degree certificates. The activities on the Bristol PLUS Award ticked most of the boxes, hence why I decided to complete it.

    I gained valuable work experience whilst getting paid and the interactive nature of the workshops means everyone is encouraged to participate. This builds confidence and improves team working skills.  I would not hesitate in recommending the Bristol PLUS Award to the University of Bristol postgraduate research student community, it is a worthwhile award!

Beth Castell 3rd year Mathematics BSc (PLUS Award)
The most valuable lesson that I learnt completing the PLUS award was that a degree is no longer all it takes to secure a job. Also the ability to effectively articulate skills gained from other experiences is just as important as actually gaining the skills.

Faye Leneghan 3rd year English BA (Outstanding Award)
I would recommend the Outstanding Award to others because it is so beneficial on your CV. I now have the confidence to write good job applications because I have evidence which shows that I have developed leadership, communication, commercial awareness and problem solving skills.

Alvina Kam 1st year Computer Science BSc (PLUS Award)
I believe completing this Award played a part in me securing a summer internship this year and I plan to continue to try to achieve the Outstanding Award.

Lavinia Li 1st year Economics Finance and Management MSc (PLUS Award)
I enjoyed the workshops and the chance to socialise with other students who I had not met before. Last month I used what I had learnt in a workshop for a Management group presentation on my course.

Sonam Gurung 2nd year Dynamic Cell Biology PhD (Outstanding Award)
I helped organise the ‘Careers Beyond Biomedical Research’ seminar series to allow researchers in this field to explore potential career options outside of academia. The incredible response and attendance at the seminar series was my biggest achievement. Sharing this in the Outstanding Award process hugely increased my confidence in my presentation skills.