Childhood Studies BSc

‌‌‌Child Health in the Early Years

Child Health in the Early Years unit is taught by the Centre for Child and Adolescent Health, to second year undergraduate students on the Childhood Studies programme at the School for Policy Studies. Students on this unit are taught by a range of professionals, including psychologists, paediatricians, health visitors and nurses who are either directly involved in working with children, or who are academic researchers in the area of child development.  This multidisciplinary approach to teaching encourages students to learn about different perspectives, current approaches and policies relating to child health and development.

Through a series of interactive seminars, students will examine:

  1. Normal pathways of child growth, health and development and the factors that can impact on these pathways including genetic. inheritance, family environment and socio-economic background.
  2. Child health surveillance and its importance in promoting health and development.
  3. Causes of childhood disability and its impact on the child.
  4. Factors that lead to inequalities in children's health.

Further information can be found in the handbook below:-

Child Health in the Early Years Handbook 2015 - 2016 (PDF, 260kB)

Unit Lead:

For further information,  please contact Laura Miller, course administrator