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CMM Researchers along with international team to discover how cells rebuild after division

Kaidi Group Illustration

5 December 2017

Dr Abderrahmane Kaidi (MRC New Investigator and Senior Lecturer) and Alice Sherrard (PhD student) published their latest research paper in Nature Cell Biology, which reveals how cells rebuild their nucleus and organise their genome when they divide, this discovery could have major implications for understanding cancer and degeneration.

When cells divide they need to rebuild their nucleus and organise their genome. This new collaborative research from the University, which is published online in Nature Cell Biology, demonstrates how cells achieve this through the unexpected deployment of filamentous actin (f-actin) to the nucleus.  This provides the first evidence that actin polymerisation in the nucleus helps in reshaping the nucleus and reorganising the genome after cell division, known as mitosis. 

The international team, including CMMs own Alice Sherrard, one of the co-first authors of this study and a PhD student, along with MRC New Investigator and Senior Lecturer Dr Abderrahmane Kaidi.  He says this discovery advances our fundamental knowledge of genome regulation in space and time and could have major implications for understanding cancer and degeneration. 

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This collaborative study is funded by Human Frontiers Science Program, Medical Research Council and Wellcome Trust; and benefited greatly from the Bristol Wolfson Bioimaging (Biomedical Sciences), and the Bristol Electron Microscopy Unit (Chemistry). 

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