Theme 2: Accelerating therapeutics and diagnostics development

Projects offered under this theme aim to refresh the antibiotic development pipeline, develop host defence-based therapeutics and rapid point of care diagnostics.

Applications closed

This research theme aims to:

  • refresh the pipeline for antibiotics
  • develop new non-drug based treatments that can avoid resistance
  • develop rapid, point of care diagnostics to target these therapies
  • develop innovative diagnostics data linkages for community settings to monitor spread
  • develop physiologically relevant drug delivery systems
  • consider the role of existing and new business models in encouraging innovation



Index of offered projects
Project TitleMain supervisor(s)KeywordsConsortium & Host institution

No project available currently 


  • Biosensing 
  • Microfluidics
  • Fluid mechanics 
  • Fluid dynamics 
  • Clinical sample processing
RID AMR@LEEDS, University of Leeds

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