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£120,000 raised for the Cabot Project

Cabot Ship
The Cabot Project, run by Dr Evan Jones of the Department of History, has been awarded £90,000 funding from Gretchen Bauta, a private Canadian benefactor with a particular interest in Canada's early history.

The donation will be supplemented by an additional £30,000 from the Gift Match scheme, under which each pound donated to a British university is, until July 2011,  being supplemented by an additional 33 pence grant from the Government.

Dr Jones said: “This is fantastic news!  It will allow us to extend the length and scope of a project that is transforming our understanding of the famous voyages launched from Bristol by John Cabot during the years 1496-98.  It's a truly generous gesture on Gretchen Bauta's behalf and one for which we are very grateful.”

Most of the money will be spent on paying for collaborators such as Margaret Condon, who has been working on the project for the last two years. Money will also be used to buy Dr Jones out of some other duties over the next few years – albeit he will still continue to teach, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, during this time.  This will include units like 'Discovering America' (third year) and 'Bristol, 1000-1542' (MA) that relate directly to this project.

More information can be found on our University news pages.