Chaplaincy Assistants

The Chaplaincy Assistants are based at the Multifaith Chaplaincy Centre during term time, and assist chaplains in running the Chaplaincy Centre and events. They are the primary contact point for general enquiries and bookings. The Chaplaincy Assistant role is currently shared by Yvonne Preece (Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays) and Clotilde Barberon (Wednesdays, Thursdays, Friday mornings). They can be contacted on or by telephone on 0117 954 6600.

Clotilde Barberon

‌Clotilde left the south of France to settle in Bristol five years ago. She's been involved in a local church since. She teaches English as a Foreign Language during the summer to resourceful and energetic European children and teenagers.In her spare time she enjoys exploring faith and its varied expressions, writing poetry, drawing, reading, trying new things, travelling whenever possible and going back to Avignon, her home town. Her favourite cooking challenge is making something out of nothing when the pantry and the fridge are looking sad.