Postgraduate profile: Ikenna Edward Ndukwe

What are you studying?

I'm studying for a PhD in Organic Chemistry.

What do you particularly enjoy about postgraduate study in your department?

What I enjoy most is the research-oriented environment, aided by a high level of collaboration and support between different research groups, as well as the supportive interaction between staff and student researchers.

Why did you decide to apply for your programme?

I have a deep desire to aid in the exploration of nature; providing better and faster means of exploration of natural compounds is my way of achieving this goal.

What are the facilities in your department like?

The facilities in the department are world class and easily accessible to students, including undergraduates. In my core subject (NMR spectroscopy), we have some of the best NMR spectrometers available, and certainly have the most number assembled in one place in the UK.

How much support do you get from staff?

I have received a lot of support from my supervisor, from our one-to-one weekly meetings, to making provision for me to attend training courses across the country, as well as providing links to external collaborators. I've also had a lot of discussions with my predecessor about my research and have received invaluable advice from him.

How does postgraduate study differ from an undergraduate degree?

In my opinion, the major difference is that there's more independent research with the postgraduate degree.

Is there anything you would want to tell a prospective postgraduate student considering studying Chemistry?

Yes: chemists recreate nature in the service of humanity, so, are you looking to make a real change in the world?

Ikenna Edward Ndukwe, PhD Organic Chemistry
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