Postgraduate profile: Thomas Farrugia

What are you studying?

PhD Chemistry.

What do you particularly enjoy about postgraduate study in your department?

The group I'm in – it's a great mix of people from a variety of countries and scientific backgrounds, and we all work on different things within the same broader theme.

Why did you decide to apply for your programme?

I was interested in taking my research up a notch and Steve's group and research interests made for a great environment to do this in.

What are the facilities in your department like?

Excellent – there's lots of kit in the lab and there's always more facilities being developed: the Electron (and Atomic Force) Microscopy Unit and Mass Spec suites are brilliant.

How much support do you get from staff?

A fair share, although I am expected to develop my projects myself. There is a great atmosphere between different groups and parts of Chemistry, and there's quite a lot of collaboration.

How does postgraduate study differ from an undergraduate degree?

Expect to do a lot of things by yourself, and to run your own projects – you're your own boss in most respects, and it's up to you to get from A to B, although you'll most likely get there in a very varied path via X, Y and Z!

Is there anything you would want to tell a prospective postgraduate student considering studying Chemistry?

Do it, especially if you think Research is for you then this is a great way of getting a feel of doing it on a longer scale, and the skills you’ll learn on the way will be great for afterwards.

What are you planning to do after completing your studies?

Killer question – still working on this one!

Thomas Farrugia, PhD Chemistry
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