Postgraduate profile: Yaoyang Hu

What are you studying?

I am currently doing the third year of my PhD in Functional 3D architectures based on oligo(aniline)s.

What do you particularly enjoy about postgraduate study in your department?

What I particularly enjoy is the great scientific environment. People are really friendly, helpful and enthusiastic about their research, which creates a very good study environment. We work together and learn from each other, and this helps build on our knowledge.

Why did you decide to apply for your programme?

I decided to apply because I really enjoyed my research masters in Bristol. I have learnt a lot here, and my PhD topic is really advanced. Bristol is a great city and people are really friendly. You always feel welcome when you arrive. This year, it was named the Green Capital of Europe.

Furthermore, the Chemistry department at Bristol University is ranked very highly. It does state-of-the-art research using incredible facilities. My project, Functional materials for 3D printing, is very new and exciting, meaning it should be really useful in the near future.

What are the facilities in your department like?

The Chemistry department provides pretty much all of the facilities I need for my PhD, and they are all very good and available to use.

How much support do you get from staff?

All the staff working in the Chemistry department are extremely helpful. All of them are experts in their fields and on techniques.

How does postgraduate study differ from an undergraduate degree?

Postgraduate is much more demanding in terms of research, particularly independent research.

Is there anything you would want to tell a prospective postgraduate student considering studying Chemistry?

Bristol will provide everything you need and more. Being a postgraduate student in Chemistry and working with world-class academics who are extremely intelligent and hard working is a privilege. Aside from doing research on a daily basis, we also have a lot of lectures that hugely benefit our studies. For instance, at the Gordon Stone symposium, many famous chemists are invited to give talks, including Professor Robert H. Grubbs, Professor Alan MacDiarmid and Professor Malcolm H. Chisholm.

Yaoyang Hu, PhD Chemistry
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