Undergraduate study

Our undergraduate degree programmes offer both breadth and depth, and are strongly informed by the University's exceptional research portfolio. As well as studying chemistry, first year students can branch into other areas of science, and all our students have the chance to follow a major project in their final year.  All of our degree programmes are accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry

The School of Chemistry has an international reputation for academic excellence, based on high standards, world-class facilities, inspirational teachers and a supportive learning environment. Our approach to practical science has been transformed by the development of Bristol ChemLabS, the UK's only Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning devoted entirely to chemistry

With opportunities to spend a year in industry, study abroad, and transfer between different courses, we are a popular choice for some of the best students across the world, who graduate with the knowledge and skills sought by employers in all sectors.

Chemistry Explored

Read our new magazine Chemistry Explored, for a taste of life as a Bristol student.


Our students are among the most sought after by employers, owing to the exceptional standard of practical, technical and numerical expertise they develop whilst at Bristol

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