Chemistry Explored

Chemistry Explored is an annual magazine produced by Bristol's award-winning School of Chemistry, with the help of staff and students who regularly contribute articles and ideas.

The magazine is distributed to some 3,000 readers, including secondary schools across the South West and overseas, current staff and students, and alumni.

Chemistry Explored Issue 7 (PDF, 1,628kB)

  • Making molecules with light: how a start-up company is doing groundbreaking work at Bristol
  • BlueCrystal 4: Bristol's Supercomputer
  • Herbilicious: The Science of Rosemary
  • Latest information about undergraduate and postgraduate career destinations

Chemistry Explored- Autumn 2016 cover

Chemistry Explored - Issue 6 (PDF, 3,003kB)

  • Un-bee-lievable! how humans have been exploiting honeybees since the stone age
  • Solving climate change: Bristol leads the way
  • An excellent fruit: the science of pineapples
  • Latest information about undergraduate and postgraduate career destinations

Chemistry Explored - Issue 5 (PDF, 2,761kB)

  • Nature made easy - how the School of Chemistry is revolutionising the way we look at molecular communication
  • Studying abroad - how to make the most of your time at Bristol
  • Onwards and upwards - where next for Bristol's Chemistry Graduates

Chemistry Explored - Issue 4 (PDF, 1,579kB)

  • Molecules made easy - how synthesising a molecule just got easier
  • How self repairing technology could change the world
  • Life in Chemistry - take a virtual tour of the school

Chemistry Explored - Issue 3 (PDF, 1,765kB)

  • Remembering Steve Croker
  • Cabinet of curiosities
  • Science with an impact
  • The chemistry of sugar

Chemistry Explored - Issue 2 (PDF, 1,413kB)

  • From bench side to bar table
  • Bristol's herb tour
  • Jake MacMillan: a tribute to a pioneer of synthetic biology
  • Hops and beer: a bitter relationship 

Chemistry Explored - Spring 2014 (PDF, 1,782kB)

  • The beet generation
  • Dancing with molecules
  • Unravelling the origins of life
  • New adventures in synthetic biology
  • Vanilla: a flavour of science

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