Organic Geochemistry Unit: Echoes of Life Symposium

12 May 2017, 2.00 PM - 12 May 2017, 5.00 PM

LT2 and East Foyer

We invite you to the inaugural Echoes of Life Symposium on the 12th of May to celebrate the 49th anniversary of the Organic Geochemistry Unit and to honour Professor Geoff Eglinton FRS who passed away in Spring 2015.  Geoff came to Bristol in 1968 and retired in 1993, serving in the Schools of Chemistry and Earth Sciences, founding the OGU and the multidisciplinary Bristol Biogeochemistry Research Centre and inspiring several generations of scientists.  With James Maxwell, he was a visionary leader in analytical chemistry and organic geochemistry, through which they also contributed to the early development of planetary organic chemistry, petroleum geochemistry and palaeoclimate research.

The Symposium will be from 2:00 to 5:00 in Chemistry LT2, followed by a wine reception. So that we have a sense of numbers please take 2 minutes to register your interest on EventBrite:

We are still finalising details, but the Symposium will feature brief reflections from Richard and Tim Eglinton (Geoff's son and himself a highly respected scientist and FRS, based at ETH), three brief talks by alumni and OGU early career researchers, and two visiting speakers.  Our guests, Gerald Haug (MPI-Chemistry) and Roger Summons (MIT), are two of the world's most eminent Earth and Environmental scientists, both of whom have worked with and been inspired by Geoff.  Although these talks will include personal reflections, the event’s focus – as Geoff would have wanted – will be to showcase a diverse range of world-leading research here at Bristol and abroad.

Also, please note that in mid to late June of 2017, we will be continuing the Echoes of Life Symposium by celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the OGU. We welcome thoughts and contributions from all of you!

Contact information

Professor Rich Pancost

School of Chemistry
Cantock's Close

Tel: (0117) 3317244

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