IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor Public Lecture, Professor Bradforth

17 September 2018, 5.00 PM - 17 September 2018, 6.00 PM

Lecture Theatre 4, followed by a drinks reception

IAS Benjamin Meaker visiting professor public lecture will be given by Professor Stephen Bradforth from the University of Southern California. Prof Bradforth's lecture is entitled "Trends in undergraduate science teaching and evaluation in the North American Research University"

Broadening participation in undergraduate science and then increasing the emphasis on retaining students in science, engineering and mathematics have become central tenets of higher education policy in the US over the past ten years.  Coupled with the revolution in how students learn today, this has meant a serious reimagining of how introductory undergraduate courses should be taught. Implementing such systemic change in research-intensive universities has been challenging within a system that currently places minimal emphasis on excellence in teaching.  Topics to be covered will include designing strategies for more effective evaluation of staff teaching and student learning in science undergraduate degree courses, developing communities of practice in undergraduate STEM education, and analytic and longitudinal approaches to course evaluations. Applications and examples will be drawn from across higher education in North America. [1,2]
[1] S.E. Bradforth et al.,Nature 523, 282 (2015).
[2] E.R. Miller, et al., Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement, ISBN 978-1-4951-6339-5


Prof. Bradforth is an IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor hosted by Dr. Tom Oliver.



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