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School of Chemistry Research featured by Chemistry & Industry magazine

14 October 2015

Steve Mann's research into Protolife and artificial cells featured in recent Chemistry & Industry article.

In summer 2014, Professor Steve Mann set up a research centre specifically for the development and analysis of artificial cells. The Bristol Centre for Protolife Research aims to understand how chemistry turns into biology, the transition from inanimate forms of matter to living things. 

A key motivation is the synthetic design and construction of artificial cell-like entities – protocells - which are capable of energy capture and conversion, minimal metabolism and replication, gene-directed synthesis, growth and division, and basic (chemical) cognition.

In a recent feature in Chemistry & Industry, Michael Gross reports on this quest to produce ‘artifcial cells’ and how recent advances led by Professor Mann, using fundamentally different approaches, show different potential pathways to the overall goal of mimicking nature’s capabilities.

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