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Update from the Women in Science Working Group.

5 August 2015

A Staff Development Seminar held in the PG Coffee Lounge on 23 July 2015 was attended by over 40 people, both men and women, from across the Science Faculty. This successful event, organised by the Women in Chemistry Working Group, highlighted training opportunities for staff and postgraduate students within the University.

The Women in Chemistry Working Group aims to provide a supportive environment which promotes women in science and equality for all in the Chemistry community.  The group was formed over three years ago and has so far mainly focused on mentoring students and early career staff, raising awareness of role models within the School, and bringing in female speakers from other institutions to departmental and sectional seminars. They meet regularly to discuss activities and generally share concerns raised by our members; there are informal monthly catch-up meetings every first Wednesday of the month to which everyone is welcome, regardless of gender. The idea is that as people get to know each other they are more confident to seek advice and share any issues they may have about working in the School or with respect to their careers or lives in general. More formal meetings take place at least once per term, where actions and activities are decided on.

Further information

Download the Academic Staff Development Presentation (PDF, 424kB) 

The Women in Chemistry Working Group has a mailing list through which everyone can get in touch and to raise any concerns. Additionally, individual members can be approached for more personal support: profiles of some of the people involved can be found at

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