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Research published online in Geology

29 September 2016

Congratulations to Dr David Naafs and Prof Rich Pancost who have just published a paper in Geology

The providing new insights into the response of the climate system to large perturbations of the global C-cycle in the geological past.

Using the TEX86-palaeothermometer they reconstruct a high-resolution record of sea surface temperatures (SSTs) across Oceanic Anoxic Event 1a (~120 Myr ago). OAE 1a reflects one of the largest perturbations of the climate system of the last 500 Myr year and is associated with significant changes in pCO2. In this paper the authors demonstrate that during OAE 1a, SSTs became very high with (sub)tropical SSTs in excess of 40 oC (more than 10 oC higher than anywhere seen in the modern). Contrary to previous suggestion and despite these very high SSTs, they then demonstrate that OAE 1a was still characterized by a clear latitudinal SST gradient.These results are more consistent with climate model simulations of the Cretaceous that have failed to produce flat SST gradients.


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You can view the paper here

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