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Toward direct laser writing of actively tuneable 3D photonic crystals

Charl Faul Nov 2016

11 November 2016

Congratulations to Carl Hu, a PhD student in Professor Charl Faul's group who along with collaborators published a paper in Advanced Optical Materials

3D printing and actively switchable redox-active oligo(aniline)-based materials were combined to create novel tuneable 3D photonic materials in a paper by Carl Hu, a PhD student in Professor Charl Faul’s research group, and collaborators from the Nanophotonics and Nanophysics group (Physics, Dr Henkjan Gersen) and the Quantum Photonics group (Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Prof. John Rarity).

In this study, just published in Advanced Optical Materials, a direct laser writing process is used to fabricate switchable functional structures with submicrometer features. It was shown that reversible changes in the refractive index of the written materials could be induced by exploiting the redox activity of the printed structure.

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Toward Direct Laser Writing of Actively Tuneable 3D Photonic Crystals

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