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Chemistry with Scientific Computing – new undergraduate degrees at the University of Bristol from 2020

A student using the School of Chemistry's VR equipment.

10 June 2019

Science and Computing infuse every aspect of modern life - in Bristol we recognise that skills in both will be crucial into the future. To address this evolution, we are launching new degree programmes in “Chemistry with Scientific Computing” - both BSc and MSci programmes are recruiting now for undergraduate students starting in September 2020.

The School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol is at the forefront of applying computing to chemistry, from simulating complex materials and biomolecular systems on supercomputers, developing workflows for robotic chemical synthesis, to using modern machine learning algorithms and advanced visualisation to understand and predict chemical behaviours. To get the most out of scientific computing we need a new type of scientist, who combines a firm grounding in chemistry with strong skills in computing as well as a clear understanding of what can be achieved by merging them.  

Our new degrees will address this emerging skills gap, allowing students to apply their enthusiasm for computing in chemistry, whether that is learning to build machine learning frameworks for predicting spectra, script automation workflows or conduct quantum chemical calculations. In all this we keep chemistry at the core, enhancing it with the breadth of modern scientific computing, covering coding and software engineering, visualisation and virtual reality, data analysis, machine learning, deep learning and AI, as well as modern hardware and computing resources, such as cloud computing, GPUs and high-performance computing architectures. With these skills, our graduates will be well placed in the future job market where employers are ever-more focussed on this combination of skills and experience.

Courses in Scientific Computing will be shared with other students in the Faculty and degrees in “Physics with Scientific Computing” will also be available from 2020. For more information, see the webpages for BriSC.


Further information

For more information on the new degrees, please see our online prospectus:

BSc in Chemistry with Scientific Computing (3 years, UCAS F130)

MSci in Chemistry with Scientific Computing (4 years, UCAS F131)

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