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Publication - Dr Tom Oliver

    Recent advances in multidimensional ultrafast spectroscopy


    Oliver, TAA, 2018, ‘Recent advances in multidimensional ultrafast spectroscopy’. Royal Society Open Science, vol 5.


    Multidimensional ultrafast spectroscopies are one of the premier tools to investigate condensed phase dynamics of biological, chemical and functional nanomaterial systems. As they reach maturity, the variety of frequency domains that can be explored has vastly increased, with experimental techniques capable of correlating excitation and emission frequencies from the terahertz through to the ultraviolet. Some of the most recent innovations also include extreme cross-peak spectroscopies that directly correlate the dynamics of electronic and vibrational states. This review article summarises the key technological advances that have permitted these recent advances, and the insights gained from new multidimensional spectroscopic probes.

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