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Publication - Professor Andrew Orr-Ewing


    Bimolecular chemical reaction dynamics in liquids


    Orr-Ewing, AJ, 2014, ‘Perspective: Bimolecular chemical reaction dynamics in liquids’. Journal of Chemical Physics, vol 140.


    Bimolecular reactions in the gas phase exhibit rich and varied dynamical behaviour, but whether a profound knowledge of the mechanisms of isolated reactive collisions can usefully inform our understanding of reactions in liquid solutions remains an open question. The fluctuating environment in a liquid may significantly alter the motions of the reacting particles and the flow of energy into the reaction products after a transition state has been crossed. Recent experimental and computational studies of exothermic reactions of CN radicals with organic molecules indicate that many features of the gas-phase dynamics are retained in solution. However, observed differences may also provide information on the ways in which a solvent modifies fundamental chemical mechanisms. This perspective examines progress in the use of time-resolved infra-red spectroscopy to study reaction dynamics in liquids, discusses how existing theories can guide the interpretation of experimental data, and suggests future challenges for this field of research. (C) 2014 AIP Publishing LLC.

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